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Company TheatreFragile & Ensemble "We meet in paradise"


Produktionsstätte im Hangar21
Produktionsstätte im Hangar21

TheatreFragile is researching new theatrical forms. The company's productions intertwine dramatic and fine arts with documentary theatre through a combination of mask performance, walk-through art installations, documentary research and fictional narrative.

The Berlin-based company seeks a new vocabulary that can unite the magic of mask play with the direct audience contact of street theatre. They are fascinated by the various levels of play between distance and proximity, everyday life and the poetic universe of theatre.

A playfulness with the audience and an invitation to come closer to see and listen to the installation give the performers opportunities to share and interact with individuals as well as the group at large. The audience goes from being passive onlookers to active visitors and even participants in the installation. The shows are adapted in each city where they are played according to a research and rehearsal period in that area.

TheatreFragile creates its art of mask theatre through keen observation – listening with an agile alertness and reacting with moments of suspension and empathy. The audience is thus witness to an inner and outer examination of the inevitable, the human.

Bringing theatre directly to people instead of waiting for the public to come to the theatre is the common goal of the artists of TheatreFragile.





Co-artistic director of TheaterFragile, manager, actress and masks creation. After two years of studying cultural studies and studying mime at the Etage Berlin, she founded the company TheaterFragile in 2007 with Marianne Cornil. Since then she has been touring and working on the many streets and places in the world.
With the intense preoccupation with non-verbal communication in the theater context, the need for an expanded form of work with the speaking body developed. In 2015 the studio "HANDS ON - Studio für Körper.Bewusst.Sein." was created, in which she practices according to the Grinberg method and the Pantarei Approach. She lives in Cologne and Berlin.


born in 1977 in a suburb of Paris. She studied German Language and Culture at Paris Sorbonne University before moving to Berlin in 2000. While studying Mime at the Etage School of Performing and Visual Arts, Marianne performed in the Familie Flöz production of „Ristorante Immortale“. She toured internationally with Familie Flöz until 2007. In 2004, she founded the Compagnie corAkor and performed with the puppet theatre company, Kaufmann & CO and Material Theater. Marianne also tours with her accordeon and French chanson program.
She is co-founder of TheatreFragile and, along with Luzie Ackers, the Artistic Director of the company.
In Street Theatre, Marianne experiences what lies at the heart of her art: an intensive and senstive human exchange.


born in 1982 in Wernigerode, Germany. After her studies in Cultural science, she moved to Naples where she worked in an administrational roll for the theatre Le Nuvole. Upon her return to Germany she worked in the production office for the opera festival Rossini in Wildbad, and in Berlin for different theatre projects among them Hebbel am Ufer and Theater an der Parkaue. Since 2010 she is responsible of the tour planning for Familie Flöz.
2012 saw Henrike take charge of the production, organization and logistics for TheatreFragile.


born in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A. After receiving her diploma in French Language and Dramatic Arts, Kristi ventured to Europe in 2000, where she studied at the Ecole Internationale de Théatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Upon finishing the 2-year program, she co-founded the international theatre company, Attic People. From 2004 to 2008, Kristi joined the circus and regularly toured with Cirque du Soleil as a clown. She is based in Berlin and travels the world as a theatre maker, actress, clown and workshop instructor.
It is her goal to perceive the world around her – its organic movements and transformations, its tragedies and its beauty – and to incorporate these observations in telling human stories in theatrical ways.


born in 1975 in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. She graduated from the Berlin School of Acting, (Berliner Schule für Schauspiel). Dana has toured the world as a Mask Performer in four different Familie Flöz productions: “Ristorante Immortale”, “Teatro Delusio”, “Hotel Paradiso” and “Infinita”. She was also the Production Assistant and Mask Building Assistant for “Teatro Delusio” and “Infinita”. Dana performs in Theater Strahl's “Klasse Klasse” and “Klasse Tour” directed by Michael Vogel, and she teaches Movement and Mask Play at the Berlin School of Acting. She has furthered her own training in Clown with Paco Gonzales, Viewpoints with Ilka Metzner, Suzuki with Martin Gruber and Mask Building with Frans Krom. With TheatreFragile Dana plays in SKY IN SIGHT, HOME and OUT OF BOUNDS and did the mask coaching in WE MEET IN PARADISE.


was born in Linz, Austria. From 1997-2002, Janko studied Jazz Bass at the KonservatoriumWien University in Vienna. He has since performed countless concerts in Germany, Austria,Italy, Poland and Switzerland, playing predominantly contemporary jazz music and freeimprovisation. In 2002, he co-founded Duo Merzouga with computer musician Eva Pöpplein.Eva and Janko compose electroacoustic music and sound art for Deutschlandradio Kultur,Radio_Copernicus, Akademie Musiktheater, as well as for Deutschlandfunk, Hebbel amUfer Theater Berlin, Schauspielfrankfurt, Münchner Volkstheater, Staatstheater Kassel andSchauspielhaus Graz. Janko lives in Cologne, Germany.


was born in Rothenburg o.d.T., Germany. Since 2008 she produces documentaries, image spots and trailer as independent filmmaker and leads the film workshops, which are held in the "Kulturfabrik Hangar 21" in Detmold. During her instantaneous master studies in media production at the university of applied science Ostwestfalen-Lippe, she shot the documentary about the process of development during the current production of Theatre Fragile named "Out of Bounds". Her passion about working with youths and culture came by working at culture&art initiative Detmold, where she was coorganising the Short Film Festival Detmold and its youth exchanges with Turkey and Spain. Afterwards she realised cultural projects in cooperation with the KulturTeam of the city of Detmold and with independent artists. With inmates of the jail in Herford she produces music clips and short films since 2008.


was born in 1967 in Schladming, Austria. After finishing his studies in Photography and working several years in the arts in Graz, Austria, Werner came into contact with TAO! Theater on Ortweinplatz and his desire to do theatre was born. He has worked as a freelancing Set and Lighting Designer since 1995. From 1998 – 2006, Werner was the Technical Director for La Strada - International Festival of Street Art and Puppet Theatre in Graz. Since 2000, he has lived in Berlin and has worked as a Technician, Set Designer and/or Lighting Designer for numerous theatre companies, including Familie Flöz (“Ristorante Immortale”), Cie. Bodecker & Neander, Kaufmann & Co, Theater Strahl (“Klasse Klasse” and “Klasse Tour”) and the youth theatre company Departure (“Seifenoper”, “Balladentisch”, “Anatomie Woyzeck“).
With Theatrefragile he designed and built the sets for AHOI, WE MEET IN PARADISE and SKY IN SIGHT.



born in 1984 in Aachen, Germany. During school, Jana interned at the Theatre of Aachen in the workshop and painting studio. After high school, she completed an orientation training in Carpentry and Architecture. From 2004-2008, Jana studied Architecture at the  Münster University of Applied Sciences and received her Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2009, she received her Master of Arts in Stage Design from the Technical University Berlin. She then worked as Assistant of Set Design for She She Pop, Ayat Najafi and Matthaei & Konsorten. In 2011/2012, Jana worked as Set Designer for TheatreFragile for the production HOME.


born in the Taubertal, Germany, she lives and works as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer in Berlin. She creates at the point of intersection between the performing arts and her visual communication during a show's devising process from video to set design. For TheatreFragile, she has undertaken the graphic media, some installations and workshops since the production HOME 2012.
She graduated in Design from the Univeristy of the Arts Berlin and the Willem de Kooning Akademie Rotterdam with her thesis project “Night Collages”, has created the visual identity of the theatre company Familie Flöz 2006-2016 and created visuals and videos for “Infinita” and “Garage d'Or”and "Haydi!". She illustrates and designes exhibition projects for Triad Berlin, creates visual media for Futurzwei and other contexts of art, culture and bee society.


was born in 1985 in Vancouver/Canada. After receiving her bachelor degree in Devised theatre and directing in Toronto, 2009 Nicole furthered her training in Paris at Le École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. In 2010 she studied mask making and sculptor under the tutelage of renowned mask sculptor Donato Satori at The Center of Mask and Gestural Sculptures and the International Mask Museum in Italy, modern Commedia dell’Arte with Teatro Punto in Amsterdam and Clown with Philippe Gaulier. As an actor, clown, improvisor and director and mask maker she has worked on productions across Canada and throughout Europe.
Since 2016 season she plays with TheatreFragile in the production of WE MEET IN PARADISE.


was born in 1985 in Bečej/Serbia. After graduation in 2004 he moved to Germany. Alongside his language courses he participated in several youth theaters. In 2007 he received a scholarship to study at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. Upon his graduation in 2011 he performed as a guest artist at different theatres before becoming a member of Konstanz Theater ensemble for three years. Besides his love for the stage he has taken part in several short films. In 2015 he moved to Berlin and started working in the independent theatre scene. He learn about TheatreFragile and joint for the production of WE MEET IN PARADISE.


born in Paris, where she studied at the Institut d’Etudes politiques and attended drama classes at Studio 7. In 1998 she moved to Berlin and started working as organizer and art director for the theatre collective T-Werk in Potsdam and the Schaubude Berlin. She discovered object and visual theatre thus furthering her collaborations in translation and adaptation plays with companies based in Berlin. In 2009 she founded the company Molisetti with the dancer Isabelle Molina and put on stage two shows for children. As an author, she writes for museums and radiophonic plays.
For TheatreFragile she works as a dramaturge in WE MEET IN PARADISE.


was born in Düsseldorf. Dirk studied piano with Peter Ablinger and saxophone with Johannes Barthelmes and took classes at the School of Audio Engineering in Berlin. He toured Europe, the US and Japan as a saxophonist, and in the years between 1991 and 1996, he was the musical director of the Tempodrom’s Children Circus. In 1992, he owned a sound studio in Berlin. Dirk composes, arranges and creates sound designs for films, TV, radio, theater and media installations such as the Expo 02 Arteplage Biel Pavillon „Grenzen (er)leben“, „Der Selbstmörderwettbewerb“, „Das Wintermärchen“ of the Shakespeare Company Bremen and the TV-serial „Tatort“. He composes the music and develops the sound design of the productions for Familie Flöz. For TheatreFragile, Dirk designed and created the Apps for HOME and OUT OF BOUNDS and the sound design for ANTON, LUKA & BENJAMIN.


feels at home not only on stage but also behind the scenes. Lisette studied Acting at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. During this time, she participateddd in such productions as “Death of a Salesman” directed by Dimiter Gotscheff at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. She has also studied mask making at various workshops with mask theatre companies such as Familie Flöz. During her studies in Set Design at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Fine Arts, she worked as Scenery and Costume Design Assistant at Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden Theater. Lisette has worked as Set Designer and Puppet Maker for Theater des Lachens in Frankfurt (Oder), TPT Thüringen, Bat Berlin, Semperoper Dresden and Theater Mücke. She co-created “Ahoi!” with TheatreFragile and performs in “Ahoi!” and “Sky in Sight”.


Florian Mönks was born in Aachen in 1976. He graduated in Latin American Studies in 2007. Since 1999 he is working as a designer, composer and producer of music and sound mostly related to motion picture.
In the latest production of Theatre Fragile - Home - he was in charge of the audio installations as well as the processing of the audio material.
What he enjoys most about the work in streettheater is the need to improvisation due to the character of the open space as a stage and also the closeness to the audience.


was born in 1989 in Kiel, Germany. After finishing high school at the Waldorf School Kiel, she came across TheatreFragile in France and became an intern for one year. Lilli is now most notably a stage manager for Himmel in Sicht (Sky in Sight), and she also plays an essential role in the development of stage elements and masks. In summer 2011, she graduated from the Fine Arts Basic Course at Sønderjyllands Kunstskolein Denmark. Lilli is currently living in Kiel where she is studying fine arts at the MuthesuisSchool of Fine Arts Kiel.


is from Mallorca, Spain. Catalina has been performing theatre for 13 years and completed her studies at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. As part of her graduation project, she completed an internship as Production Assistant for TheatreFragile. Catalina has worked as an actor in many productions in Mallorca and Catalonia with directors such as Pep Tosar, Pere Planella, Carol López, as well as working as Director's Assistant. Catalina lived and worked in theatre in Berlin and creates theatre in Spain and Mallorca. Her main interest lies in observing and getting a better understanding of people and the world, which enriches her imagination and inspires ideas for creating theatre.


born in 1988 in Brest, France. At the heart of Mathilde's work lies the art of the workmanship of metal. As part of her studies at the Paris Academy of Applied Arts Olivier de Serres, she was trained as a coppersmith and later received her diploma as a Metal Sculptor. Mathilde met TheatreFragile in 2009 at a performance of “We meet in paradise” during a tour in France. This encounter opened the door for her to the world of theatre as she then participated in the creation and construction of the stage set for “Sky in Sight”. Mathilde also assists Louise Hochet with the set for HOME


born in 1985 in Graz, Austria. After learning to become a carpenter in France, Johannes began his training in Mime at the Etage School of Performing and Visual Arts in Berlin. Since graduating, Johannes has been very active in a variety of projects in Mime, Physical Theatre, Dance and Mask Theatre. Amongst others: Teatr Forrmy in Poland, Teatr Sztuk in the Czech Republic, Teatr Novogo Fronta, etc. Since 2011, Johannes has collaborated and performed in HOME with TheatreFragile.


was born in 1990 in Paris. Fanny discovered her passion for theatre during high school. She is currently finishing her Master's at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and is especially interested in environmental issues relating to urbanism in the 21st century. How can public space be created anew today?
In order to expand her exploration on possible uses of public spaces, Fanny lived one year in Berlin working for TheatreFragile. Her jobs varied from sociological research on the subject of “home” to rewarding experiences on the road during the Summer tour. 


have helped co-create and foster what TheatreFragile has become since its founding in 2007.
Many Thanks!

Max Andrzejewski, Justin Beard, Marie-Constance Descout, Melle Hug, Nicole Kehrberger, Michael Osterhoff, Alexander Szallies & Katja Tannert.