mask theater for children


Photos: Andreas Greiner-Napp

When small boxes turn into wild animals, into colliding racing cars and, finally, into castles made of stone and steel, one can safely assume one has entered the world of games. But who decides what is to be played when and with whom? These are questions that not only adults face. The artists of Theatre Fragile, with drama, circus arts and object theatre, enable their audience of all ages to experience the fact that friendship needs attention, openness and solidarity. And, on top of this, a lot of fun.


"Anton, Luka und Benjamin" is a devised work of TheatreFragile under the artistic direction of Luzie Ackers and Marianne Cornil.

play : Marianne Cornil /Kristi Hughes (USA), Marc Mascheck (D) /Luzie Ackers, Ronny Korneli / Dana Schmidt

mask & direction: Luzie Ackers 

interview, sound collage : Marianne Cornil
music, composition : Dirk Schröder
costums, scenery : Louise Hochet
masc construction : Luzie Ackers et Nicole Ratjen

video: Anna-Maria Schneider
technic: Florian Mönks
production: Henrike Beran
Comptabilité: Doren Gräfendorf
visuals: Silke Meyer
foto: Andreas Greiner-Napp

The premiere of „Anton, Luka & Benjamin“ took place in September 2013 ain Braunschweig.

«Anton, Luka und Benjamin» is a coproduction with Stiftung Braunschweiger Kulturbesitz , Stiftung Friedrich Knapp, New Yorker. The project has been also financed by BRAWO Stiftung and supported by Musischen Akademie Braunschweig and Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin.