A parabel about the elderly people.

Photos: Sandra El Hanafi, La Strada Graz 2010

Through the poetry of visual theatre, the trials and beauty of old age are set in short scenes as the production proceeds through the streets. An old fisherman embarks on his greatest journey, perhaps his last. Along the way, he encounters schools of fish, a sea of people and an unexpected, massive catch.

Interview collages from people who have lived a long time become the thoughts and reflections of the old fisherman in the story. The narrative is derived from personal testimonies.

At the end, the audience is invited to explore an installation: read texts, listen to individual interviews, look at photographs collected from interviewees and drink a cup of coffee...and perhaps have a chat with the old fisherman himself.

Sky in Sight is a devised work under the artistic direction of Luzie Ackers and Marianne Cornil.

The world premiere took place on May 22, 2010 at the European Street Theatre Festival in Detmold, Germany.

"Sky in sight" is TheatreFragiles' third original work.


Performers: Luzie Ackers/Dana Schmidt/ Lisette Schürer

Marianne Cornil, Kristi Hughes and Alexander Szallies

Set Design: Werner Wallner and Mathilde Salaun

Stage Management: Lilli Döscher and Fanny Perrier 

Music: Janko Hanushewsky

Artistic Advisor: Aleksandar Acev and Nicole Kerhberger

Costume Design: Melle Hug


Sky in Sight is a co-production of the Academy of Music Braunschweig, the New Yorker and La Strada Street Theatre Festival in Graz, Austria. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V (Foundation for the Performing Arts, Germany) and Stiftung Braunschweiger Kulturbesitz (Braunschweig Cultural Heritage Foundation).

In cooperation with the European Street Theatre Festival Detmold and Theaterhaus Berlin